Privacy Policy

The idea of BestinPK was conceived during an Entrepreneurship lecture at Bahria University, when Dr. Abdul Baseer Qazi was pitching various ideas of his own to his undergraduate students as examples and for motivating them. Among those ideas was the idea of granting local businesses online presence and among the students was the entrepreneurial genius Mubasher Khattak, who already had multiple tech ventures under his belt. Not very excited about the idea initially, Mubasher slept over it and came visibly charged and convinced to the next class. While the rest is history, they both teamed up to create the future!

BestinPK was founded with the sole purpose to deliver value. Value to local businesses, value to their potential customers, value to those searching for say a reliable plumber in Islamabad or a resourceful mechanic in Peshawar or a cozy place for a quick desi meal in Lahore or a dexterous dentist in Abbottabad or a proficient human-rights lawyer in the bustling city of Karachi. But wait, a static (dead) listing of all such businesses would not deliver much value to its customers, right? So the listing had to be dynamic (alive) with customers having the ability to rate and review their experiences about the listed businesses and our algorithms ranking them accordingly. Pictures and video clips gave even more life to the search experience and also turned the idea into a multi-billion startup.

We are working hard to launch our iPhone and Android apps together with our website in the coming days and the first city (Islamabad, the capital) will go live on 18th September 2018 insha’Allah. The next cities, Lahore, Peshawar, Abbottabad, and Karachi are all lined up already. All we need from you in addition to your prayers is to spread the word, be it by word of mouth, by sharing on social media or by ranking businesses and writing reviews on our portal/app.