General Questions

BestinPK is an online city guide that helps users search and find businesses they are looking for. More than that, it helps you choose the ‘right’ businesses, based on crowd-sourced reviews and ratings of other trusted and genuine users. Be it a cozy place to eat, a bustling place to shop, or an amusing place to play, we will recommend you all available businesses in any particular category, ranked by our algorithms based on the ratings and reviews of a vibrant and active user community of locals. BestinPK is a one-stop place for finding, reviewing and talking about what’s great — and not so great — in your locality.

Everyone! Students looking for a good college or university. Patients looking for a reputed doctor. House owners looking for a hard-working gardener. Travelers looking for a trustworthy ticketing agency. Food-lovers looking for a tasty meal. Prospective brides and grooms looking for a suitable wedding venue (marquee or hall). Shoppers looking for the best mall in town. Car owners looking for a resourceful mechanic. In short, pretty much anyone trying to find a great local business.

The answer is pretty easy and simple, this way you can respond to reviews as the business owner and also measure visitor activity on your page.

Yes! It is and will remain absolutely free for users and businesses. In order to make this social cause sustainable, we plan to generate our income in future from paid advertisements which will be clearly marked as ads and will in no way influence our rankings and search results.

User Reviews

Any local business, service or place with a physical presence. Think: malls, food-outlets, beauty parlors, doctors, mechanics, schools, colleges, parks etc.

Just like any prospective customers, we too like to hear not only the good, but also the bad, and everything in between. Be sure to include all the relevant facts and details, and avoid any kind of exaggeration. Remember, your review is just like an advice given to many others and the prophet muhammad (saw) highlighted the importance of sincere advice in the hadith in which he asserts “religion is giving sincere advice” (Muslim)

Business Listing Information

We collect basic business information directly from businesses through our data collection teams who work very hard to gather this type of information by visiting businesses in person. We also get business information from our users and business owners themselves, who are helpful enough to correct the info we have, or let us know about a new spot that just opened down the street or add a business which is not already part of our listing. Please feel free to let us know if our information is out of date!

Every business owner can claim their business and set up a business owner’s account on BestinPK. Our app allows business owners to respond to reviews, post descriptive information about their business, add photos and track activity and customer leads from their BestinPK page.


Yes. Please contact us if you want to promote your business.

No. You can't pay us to remove or reorder your bad reviews — it's just that simple. It's worth pointing out some additional checks and balances that we build into the system: among other things, we separate the revenue side of our business from the content side of our business, just as a newspaper might put a firewall between their advertising and reporting functions.

BestinPK search result pages often feature one or more clearly labeled BestinPK Ads, but BestinPK’ numbered search results (all of the other listings in white background) have absolutely nothing to do with who is paying us.


BestinPK' search results are based on an algorithm that is designed to provide the best results based on a number of different factors including review text, ratings, and number of reviews. We are constantly working on improving our search results so that we can deliver the most relevant local results to our users.


When you've completed the registration process, you will receive an email with a special link. Click it to verify your account. When the verification message arrives in your email in-box, click the verification link, or copy and paste it into your browser. Your account will be verified at this point. If it doesn't work please let us know.

To edit your profile or to change your account preferences, log in and click your user name that appears at the top of any page and then choose "Account Settings". You will be able to edit your account preferences here.

Your email addresses and password are found under "Account Settings" which appears when you click on your user name in the upper right section of any page. Click that link and you will be taken to your Account Settings page, or click here to go directly to your email addresses.

Social Guide Badges (Implementation in progress)

Uploading photos and reviews regularly earns you social points and you climb up the ladder. Become a Social Guide ‘Guru’ and you are among the most respected members of the business reviewers’ community. Writing a review earns you 25 points, uploading a photo earns you 5 points and rating a business earns you 1 point each. A detailed breakdown of points required to earn a particular badge and reach the corresponding levels is given below:

Social Guide Badge Level Points
Shepherd Level 1 0
Level 2 10
Level 3 25
Advisor Level 4 75
Level 5 150
Level 6 250
Mentor Level 7 400
Level 8 600
Level 9 850
Expert Level 10 1100
Level 11 1400
Level 12 1750
Expert Level 13 2150
Level 14 2500
Level 15 3000

App Permissions

If you are logged in to BestinPK, you have the option to invite your phone’s contacts to BestinPK. Moreover, you can find friends from your phone's contact list that are also on BestinPK. You can then decide whether to add them as friends on your BestinPK account. No emails are sent to anyone in your address book without your authorization, we don't expose this contact data to any marketers, and we don't store this contact data any longer than it takes to process the transaction.

This allows the app to use your device's camera to upload photos of businesses to BestinPK. No photos are taken or retrieved without your knowledge, and all camera actions require the user to initiate them.

Certain images like business photos are sometimes cached and stored on your phone for faster retrieval. Photos you take are also sometimes stored as they're uploaded. We always remove these photos from your SD card shortly after the upload finishes


We take privacy very seriously and we hate spam even more than you do. Please take the time to review our privacy policy so you can see exactly what we do with your personal information. If you receive spam messages from another BestinPK member, or if you receive a message that is harassing, abusive, or contains a violation of our Terms of Service, please report it here. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy